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Wellness Coaching

Wellness is about more than diet and working out.  It’s about your mind, body and spirit coming together to create wellness.  We all have basic needs such as breathing, eating and drinking.  We also have other basic needs which include safety, belonging and esteem.

These additional needs have a strong influence on our health and our ability to eat healthy and move effortlessly.  The people I work with have had little success with conventional medicine.  They are finally able to manage their weight, reduce or prevent headaches, settle digestive issues, conquer insomnia, lessen or minimize anxiety and so much more.

We, as a society, have come to a place where we surrender the responsibility of our own health to others.  You have the ability to take back your health and wellness no matter how bad it is…or may seem.  Every person is different.  Your body is different.  Your thoughts are different.  Your experiences are different.  How you feel physically is different.

As a coach, I tailor your plan to you and your specific needs.  I LISTEN to what you are saying and how you actually feel.  We then make a plan for healing and I stay with you through it to ensure you finally get the wellness you desire.

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Types of Wellness Coaching:

Nutrition Coaching – If you struggle with weight or food issues, this option is perfect for you.

Auto-Immune and Health Issue Coaching – If you deal with health issues of any type, we work on many levels to address the topics so you can get back to feeling well.  This coaching combines nutrition, science and mind-body techniques as well as help with making lifestyle changes.  Special focus is placed on overcoming fatigue, inflammation and pain.


Life Coaching

Let’s first start with what coaching is not.  It is not consulting, mentoring, advising, therapy or counseling.  Life coaching is about making lasting change.  It is about making changes that stick.

How many times have you tried to change your eating habits, work out plans, work habits, relationship challenges, money management, parenting, and the list goes on?  You are able to do it for a day, a week or maybe even a month, but you eventually fall off the wagon and then beat yourself up for not staying committed.

The problem is not commitment.  It goes much deeper.  Commitment and mastery take time and they require you to look at limiting beliefs, outside influences, stories you tell yourself, as well as your previous experiences.

A Life Coach asks you he deep questions that get you to the core energy that is keeping you from lasting, permanent change.  We then make a plan that works for you and as a coach, I stay with you to support you through the challenges and victories.  I am in your corner, fighting all those gremlins with you so you can enjoy lasting change.

Contact me today for a complimentary session to see if Life Coaching is a fit for you.

Types of Life Coaching available:

Life Purpose Coaching – During different points in people’s lives they go through times where they are searching to find their purpose and passion.  Although it seems this should be easy, we sometimes need a little guidance and help listening to our intuition and inner voice.  Fear and judgment can hold people back from doing what they really want to do.  Coaching is a great way to gain perspective.

Personal Coaching – If you are struggling with life issues but really don’t feel that traditional therapy is a fit for you, coaching can help you to find what is blocking you from moving forward to the life you really desire.  Once we uncover the blocks, we make a plan that is achievable and sustainable for you.

YOU ARE READY! You are ready to wake up in the morning and excited about your day. You are ready to feel peace instead of panic and anxiety about your decisions. You are ready to do things you’ve only dreamed about but didn’t think it was realistic. You are ready to feel freedom and let go of feeling like you are chained down or stuck in a situation. You are ready to enjoy money rather than fearing the lack of it. You are ready to feel important rather than feeling like you exist only to ensure other people’s happiness. You are ready to feel healthy instead of dreading the next ailment to come your way. You are ready to be confident instead of living in fear of physical or verbal abuse, whether at home or elsewhere.   You are ready to feel balance between your work and your life outside of work. YOU ARE READY!

Individual sessions are $70.  Packages can be purchased at 4 sessions for $240.


Do you want a fulfilling life?

Do you want success?

Do you want freedom?